Note:  Danube Optic s.r.o. is not selling the products to private persons.


 1. Terms of Acceptance

Danube Optic s.r.o. e-shop provides services to the Customer, subject to the following Terms of Service.
The Customer is compelled to read the terms of service before placing the order at the e-shop of Danube Optic s.r.o.

The Customer accepts unconditionally the Terms of Service as these are in effect, at the time of the transaction.
E-shop of Danube Optic s.r.o. maintains the right of unilateral modification of the Terms of Service, without previous notification to the Customer, other than through publication in this corresponding web page.

2. Description of Service

The e-shop of Danube Optic s.r.o. is an independent electronic shop, with its own  price policy, terms of payment, disposal and delivery of products (optical frames or cases).

In order to become the Customer of the e-shop of Danube Optic s.r.o., the Customer has to register via “My account -> New Customer” folder. Customer needs to register ONCE only.

Danube Optic s.r.o.  has to review and activate  the account of the Customer. Customer will be notified via e-mail once the account is activated.
Customer may log in to e-shop via “My account -> Login page” by using the unique combination of User Name or E-mail address and Password that he/she  declared during registration. Customer will be able to see the prices in the folder “E-shop”, place the order, see and modify content of his/her cart and finalize the order after log in. Customer will be able to see also the orders he/she placed via e-shop of Danube Optic s.r.o., see the folder “Promotions” and modify his/her Account data.

The Customer can contact e-shop of Danube Optic s.r.o. at which he/she placed the order by using the contact information that are shown at the folder “Contact”.

In case the Customer makes certain that the given information, regarding the e-shop identity of Danube Optic s.r.o., is incomplete or / and incorrect or the shown products or service information (as the description and the main features of the products and the service) are incomplete, misleading or incorrect, he/she can contact the e-shop of Danube Optic s.r.o. via e-mail:

3. Customer Information

When registering as a New Customer at the e-shop of Danube Optic s.r.o., the following Customer’s information is necessary: Company name, Name, Last Name,  VAT number, Address, Postal Code, Town, Country, Phone number, e-mail address.

Danube Optic s.r.o. may use customer’s personal information for processing and completing the orders only.

4. Use of Customer Information
Danube Optic s.r.o. e-shop holds personal data of the Customers that:
a. have registered in the e-shop
b. have placed an order in the e-shop
The collection of personal data is essential in order to effectuate the transactions i.e. issue the Invoice, deliver the order etc.

Danube Optic s.r.o. will not distribute the electronic address of Customer or other personal data for marketing purposes without the Customer’s consent. Danube Optic s.r.o.  reserves the right to use the personal data of the Customer, for the creation of personal content, services and advertisement related to our web site.
The Customer has the possibility of asking the immediate deletion of his personal data from Danube Optic s.r.o. databases, as long as both of the following conditions are fulfilled:
a. he/she has stopped using the services of Danube Optic s.r.o.
b. he/she does not have any debts to Danube Optic s.r.o.

5. Customer’s Obligations

The Customer of Danube Optic s.r.o. e-shop is compelled:
a. Not to use the network of Danube Optic s.r.o.  e-shop, for actions, that may result to penal prosecution or the commencement of any civil or judicial action against Danube Optic s.r.o., for acts or omissions foreseen, notably but not exclusively, by the Penal Code, Special Penal Laws, Telecommunications Legislation, the Legislation of Personal Data protection as well as in the relative provisions or directives of European Union or related National Legislation, of the Authority, of the Protection of Personal Data and any other Public or Administrative Authority and Service.
b. Not to violate any form of third party Copyrights.
c. To strictly adhere to General Terms & Conditions and  Terms of Service of Danube Optic s.r.o. e-shop and also adhere to the current  rules of personal data protection.
d. To provide complete and accurate information at registration.
e. To update his/her registration information so as to correspond to the current real personal information. The e-shop provides the possibility to edit this information. In case where inaccuracy in the information of registration of the Customer is detected, Danube Optic s.r.o. has the right to deactivate immediately the Customer’s account.
f. To keep confidentiality and not to disclose to anyone else his/her username and password used at Danube Optic s.r.o. e-shop. The Customer is also compelled to inform immediately Danube Optic s.r.o. via email, at about any not permitted use of his/her username and password.
g. To confirm that he/she has logged out of the account at the end of each session. Logout has to be done in 2 steps: “My account -> Logout -> Logout from the user profile”

6. Service modification

Danube Optic s.r.o. reserves all rights to modify or to discontinue the service temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice. Use of the e-shop services, inherently entails the unequivocal acceptance of  the present written Terms of service and acknowledgement of the fact that the e-shop of Danube Optic s.r.o. bears no responsibility what so ever to the Customer for any changes made, postponement or discontinuance of the service.

7. Danube Optic s.r.o. responsibilities – Products and Information
a. Danube Optic s.r.o. has no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by the Customer, by the data transfer during the use of the services of the e-shop due to: data loss or data reception lag, or non reception, or data distortion.
b. any judicial or extrajudicial disputes that may result out of sales made through the e-shop, will exclusively concern the legitimate representatives of Danube Optic s.r.o.

8. Orders
a. Order Placement
An order is placed by clicking “Place Order”. By this action, the shop gets notified about the new order placement and its detailed information (order number, products, quantity, customer information, shipping info) and in the meanwhile the Customer receives the above information via e-mail. By clicking “Place Order” a unique number is assigned to the order.

b. Prices and Costs
The prices are accesible after Login into Danube Optic s.r.o. e-shop.  The valid prices for Danube Optic s.r.o.  are those which are listed on the day of Customer’s order. The prices are valid EXW Trnava, Slovak Republic, Incoterms 2010. There are not included in the prices: discounts, the value added tax (VAT), shipping costs, insurance, clearance expenses and duties. Costs of packing are included.

The Customers from EU member countries has to provide valid VAT identification number otherwise they have to pay the prices including Slovak value added tax.

c. Order Payment
We are asking for complete payment before shipment. The total due amount and Danube Optic s.r.o. bank details are stated in the Proforma Invoice. We offer to Customers the bank transfer payment method.

d. Order Delivery
Danube Optic s.r.o. is obligated to issue the Proforma Invoice and send it to the Customer in order he/she is able to pay the respective due amount.

The choice of the transportation company is made by Danube Optic s.r.o. or by the Customer. Danube Optic s.r.o. is working with the following couriers: DHL and In Time (road transport within Europe, selected countires only). Provided that the Customer wants his own transportation company, he has to inform us. Danube Optic s.r.o. is responsible for the on time and correct delivery of the Customer’s order after receiving his/her payment. Delivery lead time depends on the country of destination. The shipping costs  depend on the weight and size of the parcel and also destination.

e.  Product Availability
Danube Optic s.r.o. is not responsible for any lack of stock of any product displayed at the e-shop.  Danube Optic s.r.o. cannot be held responsible for product unavailability.

f. Order Cancellation
If a Customer wishes to cancel his/her order has to send his/her request via e-mail to The cancellation of the order can be accepted before the implementation of the order only. The cancellation is not possible after order implementation.

g. Product returns
Return of part or the entire order of the Customer is acceptable if Danube Optic s.r.o. has incorrectly processed an order or any products of the order.

8. Retention of title

Goods shipped by Danube Optic s.r.o. are considered to be our property until the complete payment of the respective account balance is obtained.

 9. Complaints&Liabilities
The customer is responsible to check the delivered Products immediately. Obvious faults should be brought to notice in writing within 3 days after products receipt. We recommend to take the pictures immediately. The claims related to obvious faults are not to be accepted after the aforesaid period. We ask you not to accept any damaged or open parcel from the courier.

Danube Optic s.r.o. offers 2 year quality guarantee and after sale service. Sending you a product (whole frame not the spare part) as a replacement  we require the defective product is returned back to us.

10. Uncontrollable events

If either party is unable to comply with the order because of events beyond its reasonable control, that party will promptly notify the other one in writing and will make reasonable efforts to restore its ability to perform within 30 days. If the inability to perform continues for more than 30 days, the other party may cancel this order by giving written notice to the party unable to perform.

11. Dispute resolution and governing law

If the parties cannot resolve a dispute regarding order through good faith negotiation, it will be resolved by decision of the Commercial Courts of city Bratislava, Slovak Republic and the law of Slovak Republic will apply. The Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods will not apply.

12. Acceptance

The Customer declares that he/she has read the above Terms of Service and he/she understands them and explicitly and unreservedly accepts them.